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At the Michigan Murder and Mayhem we want to bring back the joy and excitement of reading. Bringing mystery, suspense, contemporary drama and lots of mayhem throughout, we know you’ll love to read what we offer.

We want to provide you insight to wonderful novels that either take place in the greatest state or are by authors from this great state. We hope to bring you events offline as well. In the meantime, we hope to blog you to death. Subscribe for updates

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Not only will we blog you to death about our literary challenges and successes, you’ll get occasional free peaks into our newest creation, new suggestions to read and even sweet giveaways. Subscribe Now!


Our authors are either living in Michigan or from Michigan bringing you a mix of mystery, murder and mayhem.

Events & Community Projects

Yes, we love to hide behind our computers, but we also love our community as well. Join us offline for literary events and even volunteer opportunities as we work to increase literacy efforts in Michigan.

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Michigan Murder and Mayhem is a literary promotional group with Michigan Authors of various varieties encouraging reading and writing.

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